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With individual service to the perfect ski boot fit

Too many skiers know the situation: You’re looking forward to the first decent and already after just a few turns the boots starts to hurt. That’s how many promising days on the mountain end before they even started. To avoid such unnecessary problems, the right fitting of the ski boot is key. Important are not only the right size, but also just the specific mix between stability and comfort. The individual boot-fitting service of Patscheider will help you to pick the perfect match for you and your feet.

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What should be considered when choosing a ski boot?

  • Ski boots should always be tried on with ski socks! This way you avoid choosing a ski boot that will fit perfectly at the shop but be too tight when wearing thicker socks on the mountain.
  • Find the right size! We recommend trying the boots on while standing. It is absolutely fine, if your toes touch the front a bit when straightening your legs. As soon as you bend your knees, you’ll generate more space and therefore more comfort again. Also, the heel should sit tightly, without too much pressure.
  • Adjustments while skiing: Sometimes it happens, that the ski boot is a great fit while in the shop, but after just a few runs the toes get cold or a pressure point appears. One of the reasons might not be fit of the boot, but the too ambitious closing of the boot buckles. In this case we recommend loosening the buckles a bit or just while on the chairlift.
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How to adjust ski boots and binding

Perfect fit & comfort with rental boots

The size of the ski boot is a very important parameter, when renting. We will ask for your shoe size during the online reservation process, so we can prepare a well-fitting model for you. Since ski boots differ in many aspects from regular shoes, trying them on in the shop is necessary.

  • Trying before buying (or renting): If the chosen model should not feel right, we will swap it against the best fitting one for your foot.
  • Adjustment of the binding: Adjusting the binding to the chosen boot is essential for your safety while skiing. The release mechanism is individually set to your needs.

This process will ensure your maximum comfort and maximum safety!

Ein Freerider fährt im tiefen Pulverschnee einen steilen Hang am Berggrat hinunter

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Ski boot-fitting for your own boots

You have ski boots of your own, but they do not fit properly? With “Happy Feet” by Patscheider you can get your boot fitted to the individual measures of your foot. All you need will be the right ski for your dream-day on the slopes.

We offer our “Happy Feet”-service at Take Off, the Patscheider House and S1 Center.

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