Snowboard Top Class

One board - one love

The perfect choice for beginners and intermediate riders

If you are just starting your snowboarding career, our top-class boards from Burton are the right choice. We offer you special beginner models for rent that make learning fun and easy thanks to their forgiving nature.

Of course, you can also rent one of these snowboards as an advanced boarder. However, more easy-turning models for advanced riders are also available for hire. Regardless of your snowboard ability or requirements: With these boards, fun on blue or red slopes is inevitable.

For beginners and intermediate riders of all ages
Available in diffrent colours and extra wide shapes
Classic all-round models for the slopes
Forgiving design

What makes our beginner snowboards so special?

Beginner boards have special features in terms of stability and turning. Especially in the first few attempts, the board should forgive mistakes and give the rider positive feedback when starting the turns on the edges. This leads to more security and the learning curve increases quickly. Our snowboards convince with the following features:

  • Solid wood-core construction
  • Stable and secure stand in the bindings
  • Direct power transmission

The beginner boards are mainly slope models. Of course, there is nothing wrong with one or the other off-piste excursion. Due to their nature, however, advanced boards are better suited for this.

„Especially for the beginning, these boards offer the necessary stability and fun to ride and give you a faster progress in learning.“
Geri Thöni
Head of Rental Distribution / Check In

Goofy or regular?

What else is there to consider before choosing a board?

Before you choose a snowboard, you should ask the following question to yourself: Which foot should be in the front of the binding? In the goofy riding style, the right foot is in front of the board, in the regular style the left foot, depending on which is your dominant foot.

If you are not yet sure which variant is best for you, you can easily find out by doing this following test:

  • Let yourself be tilted forward while standing equally on both feet.
  • The foot that you use to cushion yourself is your dominant foot.
  • This should also be the front foot on the board.

Check your stance before you rack your pants!

Snowboard, boots and helmets

Do you want to rent the whole set?

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