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Ein Snowboarder springt über ein Gap und macht dabei einen Grap im Funpark von Serfaus


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Start your holiday perfectly equipped with Patscheider Sport. The newest boards and best services are waiting for you. We offer a wide range of boards with different shapes for all kind of terrain from beginner to expert boards - what ever you fits you best.

TOP Class *** - special Burton Snowboards for beginners and intermediate riders as well as for children, who want to have a lot of fun with a moderate pace on blue and red slopes

VIP Class **** - wide range of different board shapes and styles for intermediate riders and experts. Here you will find high-quality boards, for every condition in the backcountry and powder, or on slopes and Funpark. Choose between different models from brands like Burton, Nitro, Bataleon or Capita.



The rocker board has a concave shape, like a banana that rests with the bend and the tips point upwards. The board just lies flat on the snow between the bindings. As a result, the pivotal point is centered and thats why the board is very playful and easier to turn. Rocker boards are more forgiving as the entire edge doesn't dig itself into the snow. Due to this construction, a rocker is particularly suitable for beginners and slightly advanced or for everyone who just likes to jibb in the park.

  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate rider
  • Playful and maneuverable
  • Forgiving
Eine Snowboarderin fährt im Tiefschnee durch eine Schneewolke



In contrast to a rocker snowboard, a camber has a convex flex. As a result, the board does not lie completely flat on the snow between the bindings. If there is pressure on the bindings, the board sinks into the snow along the entire edge while riding. Therefore, the camber is characterized by an extremely good edge grip. Perfect performance, a high degree of stability, grip and control. With a camber board you can do clean turns - even at higher speed or steeper slopes. Whether on freeride terrain, slopes or in the park: These snowboards are the ideal choice for all advanced riders or for the ones who want to reach the next level.

  • Especially for advanced and experienced riders
  • Better grip and aggressive edge behavior
  • High edge-grip for maximum control
  • Direct power transmission through high contact surface
Anna Gasser jumped auf ein obsticle im Funpark mit einem Burton Snowboard. Im Hintergrund sind bereits frühlingshafte Berghänge

Stay curious!

Flat-, Hybrid-, Twin-, Directional- & Funboards

In addition to the classic shapes, new technologies and styles are coming up every year. The choice of different models and features are limitless. No matter if you prefer a surfy powder-board, park weapons or carving rockets – get inspired by our wide range of different snowboards in Take Off or Peep Shop. Here you will find a brief overview of the specialists among the snowboards.

  • Riders keen to experiment
  • Many different variations & models
  • Specific features for special riding characteristics
  • Funpark, freeride and powder boards
Mikkel Bang fährt in einem tiefverschneiten Hang im Powder