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Ein Mann fährt auf einem Scott Addict Gravelbike Straße entlang im Hintergrund ist eine Berglandschaft

All of the differences at a glance

Hardtail or full-suspension mountain bike?

Do you mountain bike because you enjoy the exercise? Are you a leisure cyclist, or more of an adrenaline junkie? What is decisive when choosing the bike that is right for you is above all the ground and terrain you intend to ride on. Do you prefer making it uphill under your own steam, or is a relaxed tour with cable car support more your thing? Depending on your cycling preferences, whether your tour leads you onto forest tracks and gravelled paths or if there's a steep downhill run between you and your destination, different types of mountain bikes are more suitable for you than others. Which mountain bike type is more suitable for you: hardtail or full-suspension? We explain the differences and help you to decide.


Suitable for any terrain

Hardtail mountain bikes

Hardtail mountain bikes are primarily designed for people who enjoy pedalling hard to reach their destination. Their light overall weight thanks to a carbon frame makes these bikes uphill and downhill all-rounders on any terrain. You won't have to exert yourself too much when pedalling. With this kind of bike, you can go on excursions on tarmacked roads and across firm ground as well as cross-country tours. If you don't want to be limited at all on your tour, a hardtail bike is definitely the right choice – regardless of whether you ride uphill or down trails, or on forest tracks or cycling paths.

  • Classic mountain bike specially designed for up- and downhill riding
  • Suspended fork
  • Carbon frame for lighter weight
  • Tyres for riding cross-country as well as on tarmac
  • Perfect for on- and off-road tours

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Eine Frau fährt auf einem Fully MTB von Scott einen Trail durch den Wald über Baumwurzeln hinunter

Our hardtail hire models

Cross-country with full suspension

Full-suspension mountain bike

With its sturdy construction, a full-suspension mountain bike is predestined for one of the numerous downhill trail runs. A full suspension bike will never lose contact with the ground unintentionally, even on more challenging and steep sections. The respective suspension, which effortlessly absorbs shocks, bumps and undulations, ensures increased comfort and safety on cross-country trails. Another unique feature of the suspension system is the TwinLoc lever mounted on the handlebars, a Scott development. You don't have to take your hands off the handlebars to choose one of the three suspension settings and the fork lockout. To ensure that you never lose control of the bike even on high-speed downhill runs, the carbon frame has been additionally reinforced with an alloy swing arm. The slightly higher weight and the thick tread of the tyres make a full-suspension mountain bike perfect for off-road riding.

  • Full suspension of front and rear axle for increased comfort and agility
  • Robust construction and sturdy frame
  • Tyres with a thick tread for maximum traction
  • Disc brakes with good grip for fast response
  • Perfect for downhill and trail sections

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Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren auf Scott E-Bikes einen Trail in hügeliger Landschaft entlang

Our full-suspension hire models

Motorised on- and off-road riding

Find the electric bike that's right for you

The electric motor has revolutionised mountain biking. After all, an electric bike makes it much easier to ride longer distances and more challenging routes. You always thought that mountain tours and single lane trails are not for you? In that case, how about an electric bike? However, again there are many different versions that are suitable for different purposes and terrains. Learn more details about the various categories of electric bikes you can hire from us below.

Racing bike 

The classic for roads, cycling paths and cross-country riding

Hardtail electric mountain bikes

A hardtail electric mountain bike is the classic electric bike version. Thanks to the front suspension, it can not only be ridden on tarmacked streets but also on cycling paths and country roads. Where inclines were previously a criterion for the exclusion of many tours, this is now a thing of the past thanks to the bike motor which now readily lends support. If necessary, you can always rely on the motor on longer or more challenging tours that call for a more strenuous effort. With its long battery life, the motor will reliably support you and will not leave you in the lurch in any situation.

  • Proven electric bike version that enjoys great popularity
  • Successful combination of road and mountain bike
  • Agile sports models with electric support
  • Integrated motor lends pedalling support
  • Perfect for leisurely tours on roads and cycling paths

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Ein Mann sitzt auf einem E-Mountainbike und blickt in die Landschaft

Our hardtail electric mountain bikes for hire

Full speed uphill

Full-suspension electric mountain bike

In order to enjoy a downhill run on a trail or a cross-country track, you have to climb uphill first. With an extremely robust but due to this also rather heavy full-suspension mountain bike, this can turn into quite a challenging effort. A full-suspension electric mountain bike is the solution: the integrated motor makes it much easier to ride uphill. The motor provides additional power especially on steeper sections. You can therefore focus fully on more challenging downhill runs.

  • Comfortably up and down the mountain at full speed
  • Higher weight provides necessary stability
  • Predestined for high-speed riding fun on steep trails
  • Integrated electric motor provides additional power
  • Perfect support during exhausting uphill rides

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Ein Pärchen fährt mit E-Fully Mountainbikes einen Trail im Wald von Serfaus hinunter

Our full-suspension electric hire models

Revolutionary – a road bike with an electric motor

Electric road bikes

The road bike and integrated electric motor combination is revolutionary and has only been on the market for a short while. At first glance, the mix seems slightly controversial: an endurance bike for athletes with an integrated motor. Isn't that a paradox? The answer is NO, IT ISN'T!

Due to the high average speed, you can travel long distances with many metres of altitude changes on a road bike. Treating your legs to a short break makes a welcome change. An electric road bike is the perfect choice for athletes who also appreciate a little comfort when cycling.

  • Perfect for the pass and mountain routes in our region
  • Ultralight carbon bike for extended tours
  • Thin-walled and above all smooth-running tyres
  • Athletic sitting position and special clipless pedals
  • Powerful motor for additional support on steeper sections

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Ein Mann fährt auf einem Scott Addict Gravelbike Straße entlang im Hintergrund ist ein e Berglandschaft

Our electric road bike hire models

All things bike

Your mountain bike shop in Serfaus

The Scott bike test ride centre in Serfaus is about all things mountain bike. Besides a selection of Scott bikes for you to test, we also offer everything you need for mountain biking: protectors, bike helmets, water bottles, backpacks, spare parts and much more. Drop in and let us advise you on equipment and the local bike routes. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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