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Perfect for downhill and trail sections
Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren auf Scott E-Bikes einen Trail in hügeliger Landschaft in einem Wald entlang

Full speed downhill with a full-suspension mountain bike

This bike category is above all characterised by a high level of stability on treacherous and rugged terrain. The suspension at both the front and the back wheel almost fully absorbs any shocks. You will therefore never lose control of your mountain bike, even at higher speeds. For this reason, a full-suspension mountain bike is above all suitable for flow trails - routes with roots in your path or rugged sections will still be enjoyable with this kind of bike.

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Suspension on front and rear wheel

Perfect for cyclists who get their kicks on downhill trails

The main difference between a classic hardtail and a full-suspension bike is the fact that on the latter, as the name suggests, both axles are equipped with full suspension. On this kind of bike, uneven, slippery and rugged ground no longer poses any difficulties. A full-suspension mountain bike is perfect for trails.

Granted, the higher weight does make riding uphill a little bit more strenuous; however, thanks to the reinforced frame, the bike offers more stability. To ensure that you're pedalling in full control at all times, even in bends, full-suspension bikes have tyres with a knobbly tread for a better grip and maximum traction in all situations. A full-suspension mountain bike also offers the following impressive features:

  • State-of-the-art disc brakes for safety on any terrain
  • Reinforced steerer fork for maximum control in bends
  • Special pedals with good grip for stability at higher speeds
Eine Frau und ein Mann fahren auf einem Fully MTB von Scott einen Trail durch den Wald über Baumwurzeln hinunter
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Our choice of full-suspension mountain bikes includes a range of bikes developed especially for downhill runs and off-road trails that guarantee a high level of stability, increased safety and more speed. The models are therefore at home in the mountains. As downhill sections are not to everyone's taste and a certain level of experience is required to complete them without the risk of an accident or injury, the following models are only available to adults. You can hire the following full-suspension mountain bike models from us:

„A full-suspension mountain bike is the perfect ride if you'd like to have a go on the flow trails in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region. The sturdy construction ensures that you'll ride safely on all trail sections.“
Geri Thöni
Patscheider hire department manager at the check-in

High speeds with maximum stability

Due to the higher weight, compared to a hardtail bike, riding a full-suspension mountain bike uphill can be quite exhausting. However, once you have made it up the mountain, the bike's advantages soon become obvious: particularly downhill, a full-suspension mountain bike promises maximum riding enjoyment at higher speeds. A full-suspension mountain bike is generally suitable above all if you want to ride across the following:

  • Trail sections with loose stones, branches and roots on the path
  • Routes with potholes and some rough terrain
  • Routes with an average to high degree of slope steepness

If you'd rather do without steeper downhill runs at high speeds on your cross-country excursions and prefer to ride across more even off-road terrain, then a hardtail mountain bike is better suited to your requirements. If you'd like to be able to rely on some electric support when needed, an electric bike is bound to be the perfect choice.

Ein Mann fährt auf einem Fully MTB von Scott einen Trail durch den Wald über Baumwurzeln in dreckigen Bikesachen hinunter

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