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Gourmets beware: at the Ladele, you'll find every culinary treat Tyrol has to offer. The purest liqueurs, delicious schnapps and spirit varieties, and herb-based digestifs as well as real locally made grappa prove that the distiller's art is still practised in the traditional way in Tyrol.

Sweet delicacies such as handmade chocolate, syrups made from locally grown fruit and jams made using recipes that have been handed down over the generations all make ideal souvenirs. Our choice of savouries for a typical Tyrolean cold platter meal, the famous "Jause", is wide and varied. You can therefore relive fond memories from your holidays in Tyrol by serving a real "Jause", including a small digestif, at home.

Phiolen in der Nahaufnahme gefüllt mit verschiedenen Schnäpsen und Likören im Geschäft s’Ladele

Gourmet treats from Serfaus

"Tirol geniessen" - exclusively available from our Ladele

The exclusive "Tirol geniessen" brand was created to introduce Tyrolean gourmet specialities to our visitors as well as the locals in order to raise people's awareness of the preciousness of our region's unparalleled nature. Selected family businesses invest a lot of time, love and patience into growing the main ingredients, which are then processed and perfected on the basis of old recipes and using traditional methods before the culinary products finally land on our shelves. We say: "Enjoy your meal", and hope you enjoy browsing and shopping in our Ladele in Serfaus.

Innenansicht des Geschäfts s'Ladele mit Kassenbereich und Phiolen an den wänden sowie einem Stehtisch in der Mitte

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