Whole body-workout surrounded by beautiful mountains


Ein Mann geht neben der Loipe Langlaufen mit einer Ausrüstung von Kästle in der Skating Variante. Im Hintergrund sind schneebedeckte Berge

Did you know? Cross-country skiing trains 90% of the body’s muscles in a very efficient way. At the same time this sport is very gentle on the joints. This is exactly why cross-country in Serfaus is not just pure enjoyment of nature with a panoramic view of the Tyrolean Alpes, but also your perfect winter-workout that is quiet easy to learn, too.

Beside an other benefit of cross-country is that you can even try it without neccessarely buying a lift pass. You can find a lot of different and perfectly prepared cross country trails directly in the villages of Serfaus, Fiss or Ladis.

Whether you prefer the classic trails or open terrains – we offer you the best equipment

Our cross-country offer

Classic cross-country or skating style? What ever it is you prefer - we offer you a wide range of models to rent from brands like Fischer, Salomon or Kästle. A cross-country set includes:

  • Cross-country skis: depending on the style you chose and your weight, we offer a wide range of diffrent lengths to your own rquirements
  • Cross-country boots: please note that there are different boot and binding systems from diffrent brands, which are not compatible with each other. Salomon is using the Salomon Nordic System, while Fischer and Rossignol have the New Nordic Norm
  • Poles: with the classic cross-country your poles should be as high as your armpits, for the skating style you can have them depending on your riding level even longer.
Ein Mann und eine Frau gehen neben der Loipe Langlaufen mit einer Ausrüstung von Kästle in der Skating Variante. Im Hintergrund sind schneebedeckte Berge

Classic cross-country

The classic cross-country is very suitable for beginners because the diagonal arm-leg movement is quiet easy to learn. Another benefit for beginners is that you can stay with the skis in a prepeared track, despite the skating type, where you can also move forward on unprepared terrain.

For classic-country we recommend our proven models with skins - a perfect all-rounder for beginners as well as for fitness-oriented athlets. The round about 20 cm long skin attached under the bindings gives you several advantages: beside a stable feeling on the very slim skis, it offers you better sliding features than other types of cross-country skis. Therfore you can move faster. This ski is also suitable for all kind of conditions and you can relay on it – no matter if there is icy tracks or softer snow.


Skating became known espacially through the olympic disciplines of Biathlon and Nordic Combination.

In contrast to classic cross-country you leave the prepared tracks for open terrain. To move forward with the skating technique there is no skin needed anymore. Similar to ice-skating, you can move with the so-called V-Step. This technique, beside many other variations of skating, however is quiet demanding and not very easy to learn. But once you got it, many diffrent routes off the beaten tracks are waiting for you.

Which skating ski fitts perfectly to you depends primarily on your skiing ability, your choice of terrain and your weight.


Cross-Country in Serfaus

Thanks to the snow-garanteed location at over 1,200 meters above sea level, the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis high plateau is ideal for cross-country skiing until april. There are over 30 km of freshly groomed trails every day - both in the villages and in the ski resort. Regardless of whether you prefer easy or moderately difficult tours, in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis with its varied routes in diffrent degrees of difficulty you will surely find the right cross-country trail for your abilities.

You can get to the higher tracks with the cable cars of Serfaus. They offer you a special discounted cross-country ticket. The forest trail at Hög See (Alpkopf middle station) leads, as the name suggests – through dreamy forests and invites you to enjoy wonderful mountain views. The high alpine Laustal trail is located at 2.000 m close to the Komperdell middle station. Experienced cross-country skiers will find their next challenge in Fiss: here 500 meters of altitude can be climbed up on the 22 km long cross-country route. The demanding tour Fisser Alm -Schöngamp Alm begins above the Hotel Montana in Fiss and leads through the varied winterworld at 1.800m to the Schöngamp Alm.

Zwei Personen betreiben Langlauf auf einer präparierten Loipe am Hög See. Im Hintergrund ist das Skigebiet von Serfaus


Find further information about cross-country routes and offered lessons

Here you can find useful links to various offers and routes around Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis:

Cross-country also needs to be learned. If you are a beginner to learn cross-country skiing or if you want to improve your technique, this is the right place for you:


Ein Mann hält seine Langlauf Ski in der Hand. Im Hintergrund sind schneebedeckte Berge