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Save your strength for the downhill run with a full-suspension electric mountain bike

Unites the advantages of a full-suspension MTB with those of an electric bike: a full-suspension electric mountain bike is the perfect toy for passionate cyclists who want to save their strength for the downhill run. For one thing, the motor makes the exhausting uphill climb easier. However, you also benefit from the special suspension usually found on a full-suspension mountain bike. The combination makes it possible to master even downhill runs across rough terrain easily and at full speed.

Special bikes for stability and safety at high speed
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Suspension on the front and rear wheel

Perfect for adventurers who want to ration their strength

You are looking for a real adventure and want to dare to follow one of the many flow trails in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis area? Hire a full-suspension electric mountain bike from Patscheider. The reinforced construction ensures that you are in full control of the bike in any kind of bend and guarantees that neither potholes nor stones in your path will brake your ride or throw you out of the saddle. The electric version of a full-suspension mountain bike offers you the following features:

  • Solid frame with higher weight for stability on downhill runs
  • Full suspension on both axles for shock absorption and control
  • Special tyres with a thick tread for maximum traction

All of these features form the basis for a less exhausting ride up the mountain and an even more exciting downhill run. With a full-suspension electric mountain bike, you'll also have full control over the bike even at higher speeds and can really savour the thrill of each bend to the fullest.

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Our full-suspension electric mountain bikes turn any mountain into a molehill - provided the bike is right for you and your purposes. In this category, we offer various models that differ in terms of the motor power, for example. You've already decided on a model and would like to try out a specific Scott bike? No problem. Here's an overview of our currently available models:

„The integrated motor elevates a full-suspension electric mountain bike to a new level and unlocks many new paths. The motor supports you on the exhausting ride up the mountain and makes it easier so you can save your strength for the downhill run.“
Geri Thöni
Patscheider hire department manager at the check-in

Motorised up the mountain, at full speed down again

Do you find riding up and down steep mountain slopes and following forest tracks and cross-country trails thrilling? Then an full-suspension electric mountain bike could be perfect for you. Before you can race downhill on a bike, you have to ride uphill first. This can certainly be exhausting, especially on a full-suspension bike, which is a little heavier. Thanks to a full-suspension electric mountain bike's integrated motor, you can rely on support up the mountain. That way, you'll still have enough strength left for the exhilarating downhill run. A full-suspension electric mountain bike is mainly suitable or the following terrains:

  • Steep, drawn out and exhausting uphill slopes
  • Fast and rough sections and flow trails
  • Cross-country excursions in the mountains

Hardtail electric mountain bikes and electric road bikes

Do you prefer a comfortable bike for leisurely rides or a fast electric bike?

You tend to ride mostly on roads and forest tracks but prefer extended tours? Then an electric road bike may be a good choice for you. Our hardtail electric mountain bikes are also very versatile.