Snowboard boots

Comfortable fit and power transmission in one boot
Ein Snowboarder springt über ein Gap und macht dabei einen Grap im Funpark von Serfaus

Comfort and fun riding – the perfect mixture makes the difference

The perfect fit of your snowboard boot is crucial. The shoe should fit as tightly as possible so that the movement can be transferred to the snow as directly and effectively as possible. However, it is also important that the boots do not press. If a shoe is too tight or too small, cold feet or pressure points quickly occur, which make the fun of snowboarding go by. We can help and offer you the ideal fit.

  • For children, teenagers and adults
  • Innovative BOA lacing system
  • Comfortable and stable fit
For children and all ages
Innovative Boa lacing-system
Comfortable fit and power transmission
Safe stability in the bindings

Innovatives Schnürsystem für bequemen Halt in der Bindung


Who doesn't know this problem? - tying up the boots at the beginning of a day on the slopes can take a while. This is different with the innovative BOA lacing-system: With an easy twist-lock on the tongue of the snowboard boot, the straps can be loosened or tightened by turning them manually. The correct adjustment of the snowboard boots becomes easy in no time at all. The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Quick settings thanks to the BOA system
  • Comfortable handling even with gloves
  • Good Stability

The perfect boot for every level of riding

In addition to the board itself, the snowboard boots also make a significant contribution to a joyful ride and to minimizing the risk of an injury. Ideally, the boots are perfectly tailored to your individual driving skills. Beginners have different requirements than advanced riders

  • Boots for beginners: The fit should be as comfortable and flexible as possible. Soft boots in particular could be a good choice for beginners.
  • Boots for experienced riders: The right boot should enable direct power transmission and control, the material is highly technical and stiffer and therefore more stable.
Ein Snowboarder springt über ein Gap und macht dabei einen Grap im Funpark von Serfaus

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Bootfitting by Patscheider

Are you looking for a new boot or would you like to get your boots fitted to your requirements? Come by and say hi in the Peep Shop Serfaus. Our experts are careing for your needs and ensure that your feet are happy.

Of course, you also have the option browse for new equipment in our stores. In addition to boards and boots, we also have snowboard pants, jackets, helmets, googles, accessories and many more.

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