Hardtail Mountainbike

Perfect for on- and off-road tours
Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren auf Scott E-Bikes einen Trail in hügeliger Landschaft entlang

Ride safely wherever you venture with a hardtail mountain bike

This bike category is characterised by its universal suitability: regardless of whether you want to go on a tour that includes steep uphill slopes or intend to dare to venture off-road: a hardtail mountain bike is definitely the right choice for both.

Thanks to a wide selection of different sizes, a hardtail mountain bike is particularly suitable for family excursions. This category offers the perfect model for everyone, so there's nothing to stop you from both relaxed excursions as well as exciting off-road rides with alternating uphill and downhill sections.

High level of comfort on variable tracks
Ideal choice for family trips and chilled trails
Special suspension on the front wheel
High-end models by Scott

Perfect for on- and off-road excursions

On hardtail mountain bikes, only the front axle has suspension for best-possible shock absorption on uneven ground. At the same time, this kind of bike runs particularly smoothly on tarmacked roads and pathways. The tyres are durable and have a knobbly tread that guarantees good grip on tarmac as well as cross-country. In addition, a hardtail bike has the following specific characteristics:

  • Comfortable seat for pain-free longer excursions
  • Light carbon frame means less pedalling and cycling effort required
  • Lights and reflectors for safe on-road riding

All of these features make a hardtail mountain bike a bike that is particularly suitable for family excursions. Especially if the chosen route does not include any steep uphill slopes or cross-country downhill sections on steep terrain, hardtail mountain bikes guarantee family fun.

Zwei Frauen machen von ihrer Bike Tour eine Pause und sitzen auf einer Wiese in einer sommerlichen Berglandschaft ihre Scott Mountainbikes sind ins Gras gelegt
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Reserve your preferred hardtail mountain bike model

You'd like a particular model?

Hardtail mountain bikes are modern and above all lightweight; you'll therefore be well-equipped for almost any kind of excursion. Thanks to different sizes and versions, hardtail mountain bikes are suitable for children as well as adults. You can hire the following hardtail mountain bike models from us:

„A hardtail mountain bike is the perfect all-rounder for your bike tour. Thanks to their design, these bikes not only run smoothly and comfortably on tarmacked roads but also offer a safe ride cross-country.“
Geri Thöni
Patscheider hire department manager at the check-in

Outstanding comfort meets adventure on varied routes

With its light weight and sturdy construction, a hardtail mountain bike ensures that every tour is a fun experience, primarily thanks to the smoothness of the ride and the comfortable sitting position. A wide range of gears ensures that you can easily adapt the pedal revolutions to the conditions and any inclines without working up too much of a sweat. You can ride a hardtail mountain bike on the following terrain:

  • Tarmacked ground such as country roads or cycling paths
  • Off-road sections such as paths alongside meadows or forest tracks
  • Routes with a low to average degree of slope steepness

Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren auf Scott E-Bikes einen Trail in hügeliger Landschaft entlang

Full-suspension or electric mountain bike

You prefer a full-suspension or an electric bike?

If you intend to ride on one of the numerous trails with steeper downhill runs, a full-suspension mountain bike is a better choice. On longer tarmacked sections and if you'd welcome a little motorised help, why not consider one of our electric mountain bikes?