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On the path to the individually fitting ski with Vip Class

Skis of this category are an ideal match for advanced skiers. The vast variety of Vip Class skis gives you a multitude of high-quality models to chose from according to your needs and preferences.  From short and swift slalom turns to more powerful and clean cut giant slalom tracks, you can find it here. Backcountry and Freestyle-Skis for a different kind of adventure can also be found in the Vip Class.

Countless high-performance skis of the latest collection
Slalom, Giant Slalom and All-Mountain
Freeride & Freestyle
Specific models for women (lighter in weight)

The first choice for advanced and sporty skiers


Laid-back or speedy runs? In skiing everyone draws their own lines in the snow. Every body is different and so is every skiing-style, therefore some skis are more suitable for certain terrain. With models of the Vip Class you can choose from a vast variety of skis to find the perfect fit for your adventures. These characteristics are typical for the Vip Class category:

  • High-tech materials and technologies
  • Specific adjustments for individual preferences
  • Versatility and stability
  • Acceleration and control


You want to rent a specific model?

Within the Vip Class you find a broad selection of premium skis, where you can choose from All-round models, as well as specialized equipment like Slalom, Giant Slalom, Freeride and Freestyle skis. Here you can explore the variety of Vip Class models you can rent.

you want 
„The Vip Class offers the biggest selection of all categories. Sporty and ambitious skiers will definitely find their perfect fit!“
Geri Thöni
Head of Rental Distribution / Check In

Our brands in the VIP class

Runs on and off the slopes

For more ambitioned riders, who want to leave the beaten paths we offer Freeride specific models to conquer the backcountry. The extra wide construction of the Freeride skis provides the unforgettable feeling of floating on top of deep, untracked powder. For a few creative runs through the local Funpark we recommend the Twintip, a freestyle specific model.

  • Backcountry and powder
  • Funparks with jumps, rails and all kinds of other obstacles

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Top and Vip Class

Do you prefer are more laid-back ski or are you looking for something more exclusive?

Check out our other ski categories likewise the Top Class or the Super Vip Class!