Perfect the condition and tension of your strings ready for your next game

Tennis racket restringing

If your own tennis racket needs restringing, you can ask our experts to restring it for you. We offer a range of different strings to perfectly match your needs and playing requirements.

Ask us to advise you individually on the various options, from the strings to the degrees of tension.


Nahaufnahme von zwei übereinanderliegenden Tennisschlägern mit Ball

How often should you have your racket restrung?

This rule of thumb helps you to find out how often you should have your tennis racket restrung over the course of a year:

If, for example, you play tennis three times a week, you should replace the strings at least three times a year, so roughly every four months.

You can also check whether your strings are still good enough for playing by listening to the sound when you hit the ball. The higher the pitch, the better the string tension. If the noise sounds deep and dull, you should replace your strings. Our tip: To extend the lifespan of your tennis racket strings, try to protect your racket as well as you can from heat, direct sunlight or moisture and use a racket cover.

  • Price: Depends on the string, plus €10 restringing charge
  • Please remember that it may take up to around 1-2 working days to restring your racket.
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