Serve, set and victory on hot sand

Beach volleyball

Detailed shot of o couple playing Beachvolleyball

Right next to the Serfaus lido

Different sports for a change and a refreshing dip

Playing beach volleyball in glorious summer weather and comfortable temperatures can make a welcome change. Especially if the volleyball court is located right next to the Serfaus lido, so you can go for a refreshing dip after an intense match and relax in the various pools.

In addition to the beach volleyball court, there's also a fun court / hard court with a couple of small goals that not only serves as a football pitch but can also be used as a basketball court, so you can enjoy the summer and the warm weather to your heart's content.

Whichever sport is your favourite: with the lido in combination with a beach volleyball and a hard court close by, you can get the best out of the sunny summer days in Serfaus.

Luftaufnahme der Funzone Serfaus mit dem Schwimmbad, Volleyballplatz, Tennisplatz und X-Trees

Bumping, setting and blocking

The most important beach volleyball terms

The principle of beach volleyball is really quite simple: after the serve, each team is permitted to touch the ball three times and then hit it back across the net to the other team. If the ball touches the ground, this counts as a fault. The team that has won the point serves the ball again to start the next round, or rally. Whichever team is the first to reach 21 points wins the match. The game is usually played in teams of two against two.

You'll find the most important terms and techniques for a successful game here:

  • Bumping: Bumping is one of the most popular ways to for the team colleague. The ball is played by hitting it from below with the inside of both arms.
  • Setting (overhead passing): Another hitting technique is called a set or overhead pass. The ball is hit upwards by touching it with the fingertips of both hands. However, the ball must not be caught first and the passed overhead.
  • Spiking: You can spike the ball across the net by touching it either with the palm of your outstretched hand or also with the knuckles of the fingers of one hand in order to position the ball better.
  • Blocking: When the ball has been hit across the net, it can be blocked so it doesn't actually reach your own half of the court. What is important is that the net must never be touched during a blocking manoeuvre.
Detailed shot of o couple playing Beachvolleyball