Ski Top Class

Ski Top Class
Ein Freerider fährt im tiefen Pulverschnee einen steilen Hang im Skigebiet von Serfaus hinunter

Perfect for beginners and laid-back skiers

This category is a great option for beginners and the comeback-skiers after taking a break from the snow. The lightweight and forgiving construction enables you to progress fast, without taking too much risk. Also for advanced beginners can count on this reliable material. Skis of the Top Class are perfect for laid-back runs down blue and red slopes.

Perfect model for beginners
Great on groomed slopes
Stability for red and blue runs
Various choices for all sizes

The right choice for beginners and intermediates


Minimum risk and maximum fun – especially important for beginners and intermediates when choosing the right skis. The Top Class category offers safe and forgiving equipment for all conditions, so the focus can stay on progressing and having fun! Summarized the Top Class models are:

  • Very easy to manoeuvre in all conditions
  • Lighter weight and shorter in length
  • Forgives mistakes easily
Eine Familie fährt auf Ski eine Piste an einem sonnigen Wintertag im Skigebiet von Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis hinunter
„The Top Class models are perfect for the first tracks on the slopes. But also intermediate and more laid-back skiers will have tons of fun with these skis!“
Geri Thöni
Head of Rental Distribution / Check In

Our brands in the Top class

The laid-back all-rounder on the slopes



Our Top Class models are a perfect companion for your next holiday in Serfasus-Fiss-Ladis. We ensure that your rental equipment is fitted perfectly to your desires and requirements. Enjoy a run with these skis best on:

  • blue and red slopes
  • flat and slightly steep terrain
  • easy access off-piste passages

Due to its lighter weight and special features for beginners and intermediate riding please note that a Top Class Ski might not be the best option for backcountry and freeride days or steeper slopes in the mountain. For this we highly recommend specialized skis of our Vip Class category.

Eine Familie steht am Rand einer Piste im Skigebiet Serfaus und schaut in die weiße Berglandschaft

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