An exciting adventure – sledging downhill the mountain

Sledging, tobogganing or bobbing - we call it „rodeln“

Tief verschneite Alm und Wiesenlandschaft im Serfauser Feld im Hintergrund verschneites Bergpanorama

Speed & Spaß für Groß und Klein

Speed & fun for all ages

No matter if you like to sledge down the hills of the Serfauser Feld or the Bifang pathes or if you prefer a long and joyful ride down the various toboggan runs in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. We have the right sledge for your next wild sledging party at our Patscheider Sport rental service in Serfaus.

With our sledges you and your family or friends are well equipped for the four-kilometer-long Komperdell toboggan run in Serfaus or the newly created, three-kilometer-long Steinegg toboggan run in Fiss.

in Serfaus- 

And this is how the toboggan rental works

We offer you different rental locations, depending on where you want to start your sledging adventure from. If you want to pick up your sledge at the beginning of the toboggan run at the Komperdell middle station, it is best to choose our rental in Take Off. Would you rather rent a toboggan in the village and take the Alpkopfbahn up? No problem, we also offer toboggan rental in our S1 Center.

When you have finished, you can simply take the shortest route and easily return your sledge at the Check-In or at the S1 Center right at the end of the toboggan run in Serfaus.

Eine Frau und ihr Kind rodeln in Serfaus die Rodelbahn im Wald auf einem Schlitten hinunter


Adventure Night and Nightskiing Serfaus

Every Wednesday the legendary Adventure-Night is taking place under the stars in Serfaus. The entire toboggan run is illuminated from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and guarantees a very special evening. In addition to the show at the Komperdell middle station, the Adventure Night offers night skiing or the opportunity to experience a wonderful tyrolian evening in one off the numerous huts in the skiresort. The Take Off stays open during Adventure Night for picking-up the pre-reserved sledges until 10:30 p.m. and our depot in the Check In is open for you until 11 p.m. to receive the rented sledges or to storage your equipment.



Toboggan- and Nightskiing in Fiss

If Wednesday evening is not enough for you, you can also go to Fiss to ski down the Möseralm or try the completely new toboggan run from the Schönjochbahn middle station via the Sonnenburg to Fiss on Tuesday evening from 5.45 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.


Eine Familie auf zwei Schlitten rodelt in Serfaus auf der Bärenpiste die Rodelbahn im Wald hinunter.