From airboarding to hiking with snowshoes

Which funsports fit you the best?

You love winter and search for a great alternative to skiing or snowboarding? Whether on your own or with your familiy or friends: within these activities you will find the right one for you.

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Toboggans and snowshoes are now also available in our online reservation system. For all other equipment such as snow bikes, skifox, etc., please just  come by to the Take Off Funcenter and choose the equipment you wish. Price per day: 21,00€

Take a wild ride on the tobbogan-run



Sledging, tobboganing or bobbing? We call it "rodeln" - and it is one of the funniest alternative to ride down a mountain ever since. Even if you ride on your own or with someone else. Our rental sledges are build by the oldest sledge-builders of Austria. Kathrein stands for a long tradition and high-quality products. The rental highquality full-wood sleges are also available with an extra baby seat. The sledges are all having a solid construction and comftable seatings. All you need for a wild ride downhill the mountains. Our Rodel features are:

  • solid construction and good controll
  • special skates for more speed
  • additional baby seats 


More about sledging in Serfaus
Eine Familie auf zwei Schlitten rodelt in Serfaus auf der Bärenpiste die Rodelbahn im Wald hinunter.

Hiking in the winter-wonderland


Grap a pair of snowshoes and  reach remote and hidden pathes in a snowy landscape. With snowshoes you can walk easily even in deeper snowy conditions. Thanks to their design and the attached spikes underneth you won’t sink in the snow and have a stable grip, no matter how powdery or icy the terrain might be. The using is very easy: You can wear your usual hiking or winter boots with them. Additional equipment is not necessary, but if you like to walk on steeper pathes, we highlly recommend to take a pair of telescopic poles for a safer and more stable support on your hike. The benefits of our rental snowshoes are:

  • Individuell adjustable straps and flexible bindings
  • Damping for more comfort
  • Spikes ensure a safe grip on steep or icy terrain
  • rent them at Patscheider Haus Sport or Take Off
Ein Skilehrer geht mit einer Gruppe in Schneeschuhen in einer tief verschneiten Winterlandschaft im Hintergrund ist das Bergpanorama in Serfaus

Once you have sat down, you will never want to get up!


The principle of the Skifox is easily explained: One ski, a pole with a seat to sit on and that’s about it. But there is quiet a technology behind it: The rod on which the seat is attached serves as a suspension to cushion and compensate bumps and waves on the slopes. Riding the Skifox however is spectacular and easy to learn. You can control it by shifting to the sides with or without the special gliders attached to your boots. Sit down and carve on! Try it preferrably on:

  • Flat or intermediate steep slopes
  • Designated areas for funsport activities
Ein Mann fährt auf einem Skifox die Piste im Skigebiet Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis runter

Futuristic design and a special downhill experience


This is the solution for those of you who want to be on their mountainbike all year long. This innovative sport equipment is basically a combination of a bike and a ski, perfectly suited for racing, carving, drifting and even jumping. Equipped with a handlebar you can ride the Snowter on the pistes and make turns by shifting your weight. Because it resembles a regular bike, the Snowter is easy to handle and allows you to ride with full confidence within the shortest amount of time. No special equipment is needed, though we highly recommend you to wear a helmet! You can use it on:

  • powder and off-piste
  • flat or intermediate steep terrain
  • not too busy slopes

Tour de Snow in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis


The Snowbike is quiet similar to the Snowter. The diffrence is that the Snowbike comes with two seperate skis in the back and a seat, which makes it easier to handle and gives your ride more stability as well. While racing down the slopes, you will be sitting conviently and navigateing your snowbike by moving your arms according to the direction you want to go. Your feet function as stabilisers. All you need to do to take a turn is shifting your bodyweight to one side. Full suspension counteracts any bumps and takes the pressure off your spine. Try a Snowbike on:

  • flat and not too steep slopes
  • off-piste terrain
Ein Mann fährt auf einem Snowbike die Piste im Skigebiet Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis runter



Come In and Take Off

The Take Off Snow and Fun Center

Our Take Off Snow and Fun Center is located directly at the middle station of the Komperdellbahn in Serfaus. Here you can rent all kind of fun sport equipment. Our stuff will be happy to advise you on the latest funsports and give you all the information you need to ride them. Who knows, maybe there is another funsport that you have never heard off?

Find out more about the Take Off Snow and Fun Center
Der Außenbereich vor dem Take Off Snow & Funcenter an der Bergstation Komperdell mit gemütlichen Sitzsäcken zum chillen