Perfect for cyclists who prefer leisurely and less exhausting rides
Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren auf Scott E-Bikes einen Trail in hügeliger Landschaft entlang

Cross-country with support on a hardtail electric mountain bike

A hardtail electric mountain bike will reliably support you on any trail section. Regardless of whether you would like to explore the beautiful region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis on tours where you keep to the tarmacked roads or prefer to really immerse yourself in the countryside on an off-road ride: a hardtail electric mountain bike minimises the effort required. The integrated motor offers various settings, so you can also relax on your excursion whenever you like and leave the propulsion up to the motor.

Universally applicable e-bike
Ideal choice for individual and variable trips
Engines from renowned manufacturers
Special suspension on the front wheel

Perfect for saving your strength for when you need it

A mountain bike equipped with an electric motor – why not? When you want to conserve your own muscle strength or when you start to get tired, you can draw on the additional power of the electric motor. The level of support can be chosen individually with the aid of various settings. However, the motor does not take over completely but simply increases the speed achieved by your pedalling. Additional features are:

  • Powerful battery extends excursion reach
  • Tyres with knobbly tread for traction on- and off-road
  • Front suspension for quite rugged sections

Adding this feature to an ordinary hardtail electric mountain bike turns the electric version into a versatile bike that can be used on roads and cycling paths as well as on rough terrain with potholes. With this kind of bike, you'll always stay firmly in the saddle.

Eine Gruppe fährt auf Mountainbikes einen Bergtrail in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis im Sonnenuntergang
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Reserve your preferred hardtail mountain bike model

You'd like a particular model?

Our hardtail electric mountain bikes come in a range of different designs set up to include everything, from little to maximum support. You can hire the following hardtail mountain bike models from us:

„A hardtail electric mountain bike is your perfect companion on all kinds of cycling tours in the region. Regardless of whether your destination is an alpine pasture or whether you are planning to follow one of the many leisure trails in Serfaus: you have definitely come to the right place.“
Geri Thöni
Patscheider hire department manager at the check-in

A motor as backup for difficult sections and uphill slopes

A hardtail electric mountain bike is the Swiss army knife of the bike world. Thanks to its sturdy frame and the absorption of shocks, this bike comes equipped with ideal properties for an outdoor excursion. As the tyres have a good grip and the saddle is very comfortable, the bike is also at home on country roads. The motor makes it possible to also manage steeper tours and longer distances without reaching your physical limits, or those of your bike. This kind of bike is therefore suitable for:

  • Roads, cycling paths and tarmacked roads
  • Gravelled and uneven cross-country and forest tracks
  • Leisure trails and other routes that offer a varied mix of both
Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren auf Scott E-Bikes einen Trail in hügeliger Landschaft entlang

Full-suspension electric mountain bikes or electric road bikes

You prefer a full-suspension or a more dynamic bike?

If you prefer to master steep inclines and rough downhill runs on your excursions but would still like the support of a motor, we recommend a full-suspension electric mountain bike. If you ride almost exclusively on tarmacked roads, an electric road bike is the right hire bike for you.