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You like to play it safe when cycling?

What to look out for when choosing a bike helmet

The dangers of cycling are often underestimated. Especially when cycling through traffic, the safety of cyclists depends on the behaviour of the other traffic participants. In the event of a fall, you should always play it save in order to potentially prevent serious injuries. Your head is a particularly vulnerable zone in this respect. These days, a bike helmet is an elemental piece of cycling equipment in order to reduce the dangers.

  • The helmet should not fit so loosely that it wobbles when you move your head.
  • At the same time, the helmet should also not fit too tightly or pinch.
  • The helmet should touch your forehead in the middle, and not be pulled down into your face too far or pushed too far back into your nape.

To guarantee that our helmets offer maximum safety and quality, all of our hire bike helmets are carefully checked as soon as they are returned and rejected, if necessary. A helmet only offers full protection if the shell is intact and not damaged.

Eine Frau und ein Mann fahren auf einem Fully MTB von Scott einen Trail durch den Wald über Baumwurzeln hinunter

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