Winterliches Bergpanorama mit tief verschneiten Berghängen und Gipfeln und blauem Himmel im Skigebiet Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis


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Start your holiday perfectly equipped with Patscheider Sport. The newest skiis and best services are waiting for you. We offer a wide range of different models with different shapes for all kind of terrain from beginner to expert skiis -what ever fits you the best.

TOP Class *** - special skiis for beginners and intermediate riders as well as for children, who want to have a lot of fun with a moderate pace on blue and red slopes.

VIP Class **** - wide range of skiis with different shapes and styles for intermediate riders and experts. Here you will find high-quality brands, for every condition in the backcountry and powder, or on the slopes and funpark.

SUPER VIP Class ***** - Perfect for ambitious advanced and expets with exclusive taste for high-end products


Alpine-Skiing – various models for every style

In the Alps only a few sports attract as many people as Alpine-Skiing. But skiing is not the same for everyone. While some love to bolt down the slopes as fast and swift as possible, others enjoy laid-back runs to the fullest. As various the different preferences are, as numerous are the choices at the Patscheider Ski-Rental. No matter if Giant Slalom-, Slalom- or All-Mountain-Skis: Our rental offers the perfect fit for you and your preferred skiing-style.

Giant slalom 



The slalom skis are the most agile of all our models. No other allows such snappy and tight turns, which makes it the perfect pick for all short turn-specialists. Newest technologies ensure precise steering and smooth gliding, even with higher speed. Compared with other models the following characteristics are typical for a Slalom-Ski:

  • Shorter in length
  • Lighter in weight
  • Maximum swiftness and manoeuvrability
  • Minimum effort turning
  • High dynamics and control
Eine Skifahrerin carved auf der Piste mit Stöckli Ski. Im Hintergrund ist ein winterliches Bergpanorama

Our slalom rental skis


Giant Slalom-Skis

The Giant Slalom-Ski is a true classic! It embodies perfect cut turns fused with distinctive acceleration, which lets every skier’s heart skip a beat. This model is especially interesting for all the skiers out there who enjoy precisely sharp tracks and a little extra headwind. Compared to Slalom-skis the GS models require a bit more strength, but reward one with the most direct response and unique connection between skier and slope. These models convince with:

  • Range from middle till long turns
  • Perfect manoeuvrability
  • Unique acceleration
  • Direct response and connection between skier and slope
  • Clean cut tracks
Ein Mann carved auf der Piste mit Stöckli Ski. Im Hintergrund ist ein winterliches Bergpanorama



No matter, if perfectly groomed, bumpy slopes or off-pist - the All-Mountain-Ski is the real all-rounder of the hill. From short, sliced turns to long, powerful tracks, everything is possible. The pinch of extra width underneath the boot brings endless joy, even in slushy spring conditions or bumpy powder. A few reasons why the All-Mountain model is an all-time favourite:

  • Short and swift as well as long and powerful turns
  • At home in all terrain
  • Perfect mix between flexibility and stability
  • Forgives occasional errors
  • Easy manoeuvrability in all conditions
Eine Frau steht mit einem Kästle Ski auf der Piste und lächelt. Im Hintergrund steht ein Mann mit einem Paar Ski in der Hand

Our giant-slalom and all-mountain rental skis


Freeride- & Freestyle-Skis

You love skiing, but don’t want to limit yourself to groomed slopes? Well, then the Freeride-Skis might be the perfect tool to explore fresh powder runs off the beaten paths. For conquering the funparks, the so-called Twintip is the rider’s choice to make when hitting jumps, rails or going switch. Here a few more details.



Backcountry & Powder

To meet the ever-changing conditions in the backcountry and untamed powder runs the Freeride-Skis differ essentially to conventional models. These skis are constructed extra wide to enable the second to none feeling of floating on powder that will keep you coming back over and over again. This is the stuff dreams are made of! For groomers this model is not your go-to.

  • Extra width and less side-cut
  • Perfect for powder and chopped-up lines
  • Extra floatation but less edge-control
Ein Mann fährt im tiefen Pulverschnee durch den Wald

Compare our all-round rental skis


Freestyle-Skis aka. The Twintip

A ski-model winning over more and more hearts within the last couple of winters, especially with the younger crowd. Hitting jumps, sliding on rails and boxes has never been easier than with the Twintip. The lifted nose and tail enable going switch (backwards) as well as help rotations and tricks on and off various obstacles. More flexibility and lightweight is a huge plus!

  • Twintip-technology (lifted nose and tail)
  • Easy manoeuvrability – also switch (backwards)
  • Super playful
  • Less weight but more stability


Our service for you

You’ve got your own equipment, but it needs a little love from our service staff? You want to store your skis, board or boots directly at the slopes? You urgently need boot-fitting? No problem! Patscheider is the first choice, when it comes to services and rentals.