Perfect for athletic and practised riders
Ein Mann fährt auf einem Scott Addict Gravelbike eine Passtraße entlang im Hintergrund ist ein wolkenverhangenes Bergpanorama

Along mountain roads at full speed with an electric road bike

Electric road bikes represent a kind of paradigm change and revolution in the bike world: previously, road bikes mainly attracted very athletic riders and called for a certain basic physical condition. The new electric road bikes with integrated motor extend the target group for this kind of bike, as the electric version now also offers beginners the chance to enjoy extended tours in mountainous areas. Fast, streamlined and with electric support – a clear recommendation if you intend to ride longer distances on firm ground without any particularly rough sections.

Specially suitable for long pass tours and trips in the region
Lightweight design for cycling with reduced effort
Increased reach due to integrated engine
Aerodynamic seating position on the bike

Perfect for fast rides on roads and cycling paths

The integrated motor is not the only advantage our electric road bikes offer. Their low weight is also convenient: despite the integrated electric motor, you'll find that you can lift up an electric road bike with one hand thanks to its carbon frame. High speeds with best-possible energy transmission is the motto when you choose an electric road bike. An electric road bike generally features the following typical characteristics:

  • Clipless pedals for secure grip and direct energy transmission
  • Sports saddle and special steerer fork for improved aerodynamics
  • Particularly thin and smooth running tyres with a thin tread

All of these features make an electric road bike an exciting new alternative for tours on tarmacked paths and roads, as the advantages of the design really come into their own here. The low weight not only means less effort but also a direct transmission of the energy you expend to the road.

Zwei Männer fahren mit Scott Addict Gravelbikes eine Straße entlang im Hintergrund ist eine Berglandschaft
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Reserve your preferred hardtail mountain bike model

You'd like a particular model?

Electric road bikes are the latest addition to our range of hire bikes. Due to the technical progress in the area of electric bikes, our models are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and unite being able to travel longer distances with the speed advantages offered by a road bike. You can therefore also rely on support on longer and more challenging routes. You can hire this electric road bike model from us:

„The electric road bikes are our latest addition to our range of hire bikes. The combination of a sports frame with an integrated motor means that you can now also master longer distances and mountain pass tours.“
Geri Thöni
Patscheider hire department manager at the check-in

Perfect balance between distance and high-speed

The combination of an aerodynamic and extremely light frame, thinner road riding tyres and an integrated electric motor has revolutionised electric road bikes for endurance cycling. Thanks to the motor, you can now rely on electric support when pedalling, if necessary. You can therefore ride even longer distances. A road bike is generally particularly suitable for:

  • Tarmacked roads and cycling paths
  • Groomed bike trails with varying degrees of slope steepness
  • Tours on smooth and even terrain

If you enjoy riding beyond tarmacked roads and firm, level tracks as well as cycling paths, we recommend relying on a classic hardtail or a full-suspension electric mountain bike.

Ein Mann fährt auf einem Scott Addict Gravelbike Straße entlang im Hintergrund ist ein e Berglandschaft

Full-suspension and hardtail electric mountain bikes

You'd prefer a full-suspension or a front-suspension electric bike?

A road bike is not the perfect choice for any terrain. If you also enjoy riding cross-country from time to time, we recommend a full-suspension or a hardtail electric mountain bike. Although this increases the effort required, particularly on level sections, the sturdier construction and the knobbly tyre tread ensure that you can also safely ride over uneven ground.