You are the focus.

We feel responsible for the increase of the sport and holiday experience of our customers. We enjoy it to do our best for them. They are our prime focus.


We are sympathetic and competent.

We work quality-conscious and service oriented. This mission statement is a very high demand to all of us. Only through ongoing training, constant inner urge of quality improvement, team spirit, positive attitude towards changes and suitable motivation, we will be able to reach this very high goal. It’s fun to work in a performance-oriented team. Success motivates and enriches our lives.



History of our business

In 1953 Erwin Patscheider founded a little department store in Serfaus. You could buy everything: groceries, tobacco and sporting goods. 

After the death of father Erwin in 1977, Isolde Patscheider carried the business. In 1986 the oldest son, Franz Patscheider, took the business over and rebuilt the company in the following years into a shop for sports-leisure- and style-fashion.

Almost every year a new brand was established:

  • 1990 shop in Fiss
  • 1991 Sportshop Komperdell
  • 1992 Snowboard shop
  • 1994 Check In
  • 2002 Take Off – Snow & Fun Center
  • 2004 S1 Center
  • 2005 Magnification of the Check In
  • 2007 Modernization of the frontage of Patscheider Sport and rebuilding the “Trachtengeschäft” into “Patscheider Style”
  • 2009 X-Trees forest rope course
  • 2010 Murmlis maze of mirrors
  • 2011 Peepshop, Mitbringsl Serfaus, Mitbringsl Fiss, Bsundrix
  • 2014 Mitbringsl Lodge, s’Ladele
  • 2016 Outdoor Pool Serfaus