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We can testify to the quality of our products from personal experience. We have tested most of the equipment ourselves and carefully select our partners as well as the brands available at our stores in Serfaus. If you get your skis serviced at one of our service stations, you will not only profit from years of experience, but also from our unlimited passion and motivation. This is what sets us apart: our team, our philosophy, our service. Patscheider offers only the best and, above all, honest advice. We will always have a friendly ear for you, and help you with all your questions and concerns. Come and see for yourself, and experience the diversity of the world of sports.


Fittings for a perfect boot

Ski boots are the link between your effort and your skis. They translate strength and technique into performance. Therefore, it is particularly important that your boots fit. Only with the right fit can you maintain a good balance between performance and comfort, and get the most out of your run. Patscheider boot fittings have been perfected by a combination of years of experience, orthopaedic knowledge, and excellent craftsmanship. Our boot fittings ensure that you will always be in control of your skis, whilst saving effort and feeling comfortable. We offer boots from Heierling, Atomic, Nordica, Lange, and Strolz. They all feature excellent design, precise workmanship, and high-quality materials.

Each Patscheider boot fitting starts with an exact measurement and analysis of your feet, after which the right boot for your requirements is chosen. A comprehensive selection of different models caters for all needs. Strolz boots, for example, are made to provide the perfect fit for any anatomy, ensuring ultimate comfort. The inner shoes are individually moulded to fit your feet. The result is a pair of boots with which your adventure on the pistes of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis knows no limit.

For further information, please visit the Patscheider sports department, our S1 store, or the Take Off – Snow & Fun Center, or give us a call at +43 5476 6202-310.

tailored to your needs

DaleBoot: the boot tailored to your needs.

Every foot is different. This is also why it can be a true challenge to find the right ski boot – that is a boot that does not cause you any pain, not even after the fifth, the sixth or the seventh run, a boot that perfectly translates power into performance and ensures full flexibility, regardless of the conditions of the piste. This is what ski boots from top brands such as DaleBoot combined with Footprint, our innovative foot measuring system, can do for you. After measurement of your feet and posture, the collected data will be entered into the computer and further analyzed. The inner shoe of your DaleBoot will be formed accordingly by application of heat. This guarantees the perfect fit, accurate to the millimetre, for the right balance and enhanced control.


New to our collection: Heierling’s h1.

The boot of the future, inspired by the sense of quality of the past. Located in the Grison Alps, Switzerland, Heierling unites tradition with a respect for the environment. With h1, they have created a boot offering both perfect fit and longevity. The high quality of this shoe, in fact, ensures enjoyment on the piste for years. The adjustable and exchangeable components additionally make sure the boot can live through several cycles, thus saving resources.


Exclusively available at the Patscheider sports department.

We are happy to answer your questions. Please contact us by phone at  » +43 5476 6202-310 or write us an e-mail »


Free testing, with Patscheider

Every Tuesday (starting in January) from 10.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., you have the opportunity to test a selection of excellent skis for free, right in front of the Take Off – Snow & Fun Center at the Komperdell mid-way station. All you need to do is bring your ID.


Take Off at the Komperdell mid-way station.

With our  » Take Off Center you are ready to take off and fly! We have everything from ski storage space, rental service, and shop at an altitude of more than 2,000 metres above sea level. Visit us now, and be astonished: on an area of over 1,100 m2, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

Rent your skis online now

Rent now. Ride later. And save money: our online rental service gives you a 10% discount on the rental equipment of your choice.


More Speed. More Grip. More Fun

The piste is only as good as your skis are. Therefore, you should always make sure your skis or board are fit for the piste. Our experts at our service stations in Serfaus guarantee:


  • improved edge hold
  • enhanced flexibility
  • optimized gliding surface


Well-tuned skis mean less effort and greater efficiency. This not only enhances your flexibility and turn-taking ability, but also your safety on the piste. Get off to a flying start with perfect professional equipment, and make the best of your winter holiday in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.


Big Service
Mending and sanding pavement, sanding edges; tune and grow
€ 38,00
Small Service
Sand surface, sand edges; tune and grow
€ 28,00
€ 10,00
Foreign assembly
€ 20,00
Set Binding with computer
€ 15,00



Grosser Service    
Mending and sanding pavement, sanding edges; tune and grow
€ 45,00
Kleiner Service
Sand surface, sand edges; tune and grow
€ 35,00
€ 15,00


Rent today and ride better tomorrow.

With our online rental service, you can enjoy even more choice and raise your anticipation. What is more, if you rent your equipment with Patscheider in Serfaus, you will receive a 10% discount on your chosen skis or snowboard.