Mirror Maze

One thousand different encounters with yourself.

We all know the maze puzzles included in magazines and newspapers. But have you ever stood in the middle of a labyrinth yourself? The feeling is quite different, especially when the walls consist of mirrors, blurring your perception of what is real and unreal with distorted images. Finding your way out is not that easy, regardless of what age you are! Our Mirror Maze, the mirror labyrinth in Serfaus, guarantees some extra fun for the entire family.

  • Mad fun for both children and adults at the mirror labyrinth
  • Crazy funhouse mirrors
  • Boot fitting and children’s sportswear
  • Game and excitement for kids of all ages


Price Mirror Maze

Children until 3 years
Children (until 14 Jahre)
€ 2,50
€ 4,50
€ 9,50


Find your way to the mirror labyrinth – we promise, it’s easier than finding your way out.

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